You are always welcome to send your CV to Access People, contact us via LinkedIn or send email with your CV to  after which we make sure the CV gets shared with the right Consultants.

When you contact us, it would be helpful if you could add info about the location where you are interested in exploring a new opportunity and a few words about the type of role(s) you are most interested in.

We do our outmost to give reply to all emails, but most important is that we get your CV saved and shared internally so we can contact you as soon as we have a relevant opportunity to discuss. Your CV and info will be saved and is safe with us - we will not share your details with anyone without your consent!

When we discuss career plans with candidates, our candidate talks start with a general intro talk, learning about career choices/changes made, motivation, specific plans, family, key achievements, skills and leadership capabilities.

If / when the candidate is relevant for a specific role, we start the discussion about the candidate’s relevance to the company, position and hiring manager.