Access People has since 2006 served a broad range of industries, covering Specialists, Managers and Executives.

We are often hired to search in new niche areas, targeting special type of skillsets, and we are always ready to take on challenging searches in Asia, Europe, or the Americas.

Contact us for a detailed discussion about your specific needs. 

Below are our main practice areas, which often overlap, info about the functions that we do, and a section about leadership called "China - Who shall lead the company".

Industrial - Technology

Traditional industries, manufacturing, industry 4.0, disruptive technology companies - “Industrial” has 100s of ways to be divided into niche areas. We help industrial / technology companies across a broad spectrum of specialist and managerial functions.

Automation & Robotics, Automotive, Aviation, Railway, Building Materials, Electronics & Semi-conductors, Furniture, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Infrastructure, Machinery & Equipment, Packaging, Pumps & Valves, Semi-Conductors, Textiles, Trading – are examples of areas that we are always searching for. 

Digital developments within IoT, AI, 3-D printing, big data, and cloud computing gives great opportunities for companies to innovate new products and services. Companies that want to be part of an ongoing transformation have huge demand on their peoples’ capabilities to gear and transform the organization. 

We do many functions and usually target professionals with 5 to 25 years of experience for Specialist, Manager and Executive roles.


R&D, Manufacturing, Commercial and supporting roles for OEMs - Passenger cars including NEVs as well as Commercial vehicles - and 1st and 2nd Tier Suppliers are core focus areas for Access People.

In addition to targeted search for specific profiles, we are also doing larger RPO projects for companies in fast expansion within Automotive and other sectors.

In China, shortlists for managerial and executive roles are often a good combination of well international experienced Chinese candidates and localized foreign candidates who have had most of their career in China. This also includes mandarin speaking foreigners as well as Chinese candidates with language skills in for example English and/or German. The functions and skills for the candidates and searches we are frequently working with are for example: 

  • General Management -  China / APAC
  • Finance, HR, Legal, EHS, Admin
  • Plant General Management, Production, Manufacturing engineering
  • Quality, Procurement, Sourcing, Logistics, Supply Chain 
  • Branding, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Key Account Management, Network/Dealer Development, Export Sales, After Sales
  • R&D Engineering, Design, Testing and Program management, 
  • Chassis, battery, Engine, power-train, Exhaust, Seating, Electronics, Lighting, Tooling, painting, etc..
  • Mechanical and EE engineering, Platform management

The gigantic increase in consumer experience over the past decade and new technologies keeps raising the bar for how consumers interact with retailers and producers of products via track and trace technologies. This has kept us very busy on recruitment within the consumer space since 2006.

Our clients cover FMCG, Retail and Trading companies within the consumer space, for example in apparel, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, sports, food, drinks, hospitality and luxury goods  – covering all functions within the company. We do both role by role search, and large-scale projects (for example RPO projects), targeting functions and skills like:

  • General Management of brand or company (CEO / MD / GM)
  • Marketing, E-Commerce, Consumer Intelligence
  • Retail Management, Shop Area Managers
  • IT, Finance, Legal, HR
  • Fashion Designers
  • Textile and Garment Production
  • Sourcing, Buyers and Merchandizing
  • Quality Management/Control, Supply Chain, Logistics
  • Garment Technology, Pattern Makers

Asia and particularly China are global key drivers of growth, including a constant expansion and development of infrastructure, buildings and cities.

Daring building designs, large scale projects of airports, railways, highways, residential and commercial buildings, entertainment parks, ports, district heating and water supply – more often than ever, with sustainable energy solutions at the core of the projects.

We have many years of experience in handling search which targets leaders and professionals within – and not limited to - Design, Architects, Engineering, Landscaping, Project Management, Interior Design, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

IT - Technology

Our IT & Technology division is built on experienced IT recruitment and business consultants who support an array of clients ranging from niche, bespoke organisations and SME’s through to global MNC’s. Our team is able to technically interview and assess highly sought-after professionals ranging from programmers to CIO’s. Contact us for a detailed discussion about your recruitment needs.

Industry Skills & Technology Positions

Murex, Calypso, Sophis, T24, Onyx, C++, J2EE, .NET, Python, RDBMS. 24,Onyx,c + + ,J2EE,. NET,Python,RDBMS

Application Specialists, Trade & Environment Support, Testers, Architects, Programmers, Reporting & Database Specialists


Management & Strategy, Change, Transformation, SCM & Procurement

Consultant, Senior Manager, Partner, Technology Specialists, Advisor, Strategist
Insurance Application & Infrastructure, Warehouse, Inventory Management, Digital, CMS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Operations, Risk Management, Security Developers, Engineers, Testers, Security Specialists, Regional IT Managers, Data Centre Specialists, Cloud Specialists, Enterprise Architects
Software Houses Oracle, SAP, Workday, Netsuite, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Java, ASP.NET, JSP, Struts, Unix, Solaris, Portal Technologies, DWH Business Analyst, Administrators, Technical Lead, Project & Programme Managers, Database Support, Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers, Solutions Architects, Sales & Presales
FinTech SaaS, DaaS, iOS, Block Chaining, Crypto-Currency, AI & Machine Learning, Peer2Peer, Digital Solutions R&D Specialists, Designers, Product Managers, Sales, Digital Marketing, App Developers, UI/UX Specialists, QA Engineers, Front & Backend Developers
Shipping & Commodities

Access People has a very experienced and dedicated Shipping, Commodities and Logistics search team. We recruit for Trading Houses, Ship Owners & Operators, Brokers, Marine & Port Agencies and cover Wet & Dry Bulk, Tanker, Gas and Heavy Lift. Geographically, we help clients with roles based in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Americas.

  • Ship Owner/Operator/Brokers: Chartering, Vessel Operation, Business Development, Brokering, Post Fixture, Laytime, Demurrage, Analysts.
  • Trading Houses: Traders, Marketing, Business Development, Trade Finance & Structured Trade Finance, Commercial Traffic, Operations, Normal Operations, Oil Blenders, Regional Operations Managers, Risk, Product Control, Middle Office, Trading Analysts.
  • Marine/Port Agencies: Technical Superintendents, Port Captains, Technical support, Chemicals.
  • Logistics: 3rd party logistics, Freight Forwarding, Air & Sea Freight, Warehousing, Project Cargo, Heavy Lift, Sales, Operation, Customer Service, Track & Trace, Packaging.
  • Support: HR, Finance, Accounting, Controllers, IT, Risk Analytics.
Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics, Semi-Conductors, and Components are being designed, produced and sold all over Asia, particular In China where Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Beijing are some of the key areas.

Our experienced consultants can help with demanding recruitment need for Engineers, Specialists, Managers and Directors. This includes these functions and candidates’ skills:

  • General Management
  • Operations, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality, Logistics, Supplier Quality
  • Sales, Marketing, Key Account Management, Channel Management
  • R&D - Hardware Design - RF, Baseband, Power, Battery
  • Software Design
  • Display & Touch Panel
  • AEs & FAEs - Field Application Engineers
  • Fabless - IC Design House
  • Fab Manufacturing, Engineering, Wafer, Packaging
  • Materials and Equipment Manufacturers
  • R&D & Testing
  • RF & GaN Process
  • Analog Design
  • ASIC & SoC Design
  • DFT
  • Verification
Healthcare – Life Sciences

We service Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies. Our clients range from international & domestic companies, CROs, CMOs, CDMOs and start-ups including AI in drug discovery. We cover all functions from early R&D to commercial. The functions include:

  • R&D / Research & Development
  • Preclinical
  • CMC
  • Process Develoment
  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Research / Clinical Operations
  • Biometrics
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Health Economics & Market Access
  • Government Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Quality (GLP, GCP, GMP, GxP)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Supporting functions including Finance, HR, Legal, IT
Functions we do

We have completed more than 2,000+ searches since 2006. From our Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore offices, we do searches across Asia, Europe and the Americas when our clients are after Asia experienced candidates to be based in Europe or the Americas.

The functions cover all types of Executive, Commercial, Operational, Supporting, Corporate and R&D roles, whether it’s a Specialist, Manager or Executive role.

Within the Practice Areas mentioned on our website, you will also see examples of functions and skills we are often targeting within those particular areas. It’s important to emphasize that companies and sectors in general, often use different titles for the same role.

Your particular needs as a client or candidate might not be listed exactly. Contact us to find out how we can help.

China – who shall lead the company?

That depends very much on whom you ask, and what you have experienced in the past years leading up to a need for a change...

What is the ideal profile to take the company to the next levels - and how to execute (confidential) search?

Since Access People started in 2006, there has been a change in the way a 5 to 7 candidate shortlist often ends up being for Mid to Senior Management and Executive roles.

10+ years ago, most often the GM/MD/CEO of an international company in China – Small-Medium sized company or a larger MNC – was a foreign leader (in the 1990s often South East Asian, Taiwanese, HK). Sometimes of other Asian origins, but most often European, American or Australian. Very rarely, the foreign leader of the company had Chinese language skills at the advanced level. That has all changed.

Today, we have a lot of 30 to 40+ years old foreigners who came to China early in the career and have most of their work experience from China/Asia. From a younger age compared to their counterparts overseas, they have in China/Asia from early on in the career been given and expected to manage people and business from a younger age. They learn and develop fast, and often in P&L roles from their mid-30s.

Moreover, candidates in the 30 to 40 years age bracket often have developed intermediate to advanced levels of Mandarin language skills. That being said, far less than 1% of foreigners in China are business fluenct in mandarin. They can be found of course, also in combination with the other important skills needed for a role.

At the same time, the far larger pool of Chinese GM/MD/CEO/Director level candidates have of course developed also. The strong combination of Chinese and overseas education, work experience from China and expatriation to postings in Europe/America have made Chinese candidates very seasoned and more than qualified to work with as candidates for the Executive level roles for foreign companies.

All in all, we today have a much larger and more diverse candidate pool to tap into for mid- to senior-level roles as well as individual contributor and specialist roles. We often recommend that a shortlist of candidates with relevant industry experience could be quite diverse, and hold a good combination of: 

Strong Chinese candidates who have experience from multinational companies have lived/studied/worked abroad enough to have perspective, able to lead both chinese and foreign employees in China, transparent and clear communication skills. It could often be candidates who have worked in overseas HQs before. There are many chinese candidates age 30 to 45 who fit this profile. 

Localized and well accustomed foreign candidates who have spent the larger part of their career in China/Asia, candidates who have intermediate to advanced mandarin language skills, have China as their home for the next many years and thus are a long-term solution to the role in China/Asia. 

The exact profile match to a role is discussed in every detail before we start approaching candidates to discuss their background, career plans and match to the role.